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Marco Carta
Marco Carta, la voce graffiante vincitrice di Amici edizione 2008
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71  +33 Pakistan PrestonUniversity-Diploma-Mill
It is now an establish fact that students can do wonders in practical work if they are able to study their desired subject in university level.
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72  -17 Pakistan Preston_University-degreemill
Preston University a degree mill, there are quite a few number of these false allegations that one can see regarding one of the most beloved and enriching universities in Pakistan.
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73  +33 Pakistan PrestonUniversity degree fraud
However, the frequency at which I got to see Preston University a degree mil compel me to investigate whether or not there is some malign agenda hidden behind the phrase
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74  -18 Pakistan Preston University scam/fraud
However, the recent cyber space spam was only able to shake the trust of masses for a short while
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75  +32 Pakistan University fraud/scam
Preston University fraud and that it is nothing but a malign trick to under rate a prestigious institution
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76  -17 Pakistan approved_Diploma_Mill
The environment that we were provided for studies was exceptional and really helpful in developing curricular activities in us.
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77  +33 Pakistan Preston is not_accredited
rather it ensure that students don't get involved in any unhealthy and immoral activities.
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